Module 20 – Personal Learning Networks is Now Available

Personal-Learning-NetworksNow that the Spring semester is under way, SLISConnect’s 23 Things for SLIS Student and Alumni: Essentials for Success is back to bring you useful tools and resources to help you with your academic and professional endeavors. We have four modules left in our original 23 Things program and are already planning for our next phase of 23 Things which will launch in June 2014.

We are excited to announce Module 20 – Personal Learning Networks! A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a group of people with whom you connect with to exchange information and resources and share knowledge, experiences, and ideas in order to collect information and create an informed guide for professional development opportunities and continual learning (Howlett, 2011). These “groups” may be people you work with, friends who have an interest in your personal and professional development, professionals you respect and follow, or online groups you participate in.  Your PLN may also include resources you use to engage in lifelong learning, research, networking, or staying abreast industry trends. Join us In Module 20 as we walk you through five primary stages for developing a unique, effective, and well-maintained Personal Learning Network.

Our next module will be Poster Session presentation followed by Infographics and Facilitating Book Discussions. A new module will be presented every two weeks. As always, we have various opportunities for student and alumni volunteers and welcome module suggestions as we work to bring you useful, engaging, and educational resources for your professional development needs.

Howlett, A. (2011). Connecting to the LIS online community: A new information professional developing a personal learning network. ALIA 5th New Librarians Symposium 2011: Metamorphosis: What will you become today. Perth, Australia.

Module 19 – Presentation Tips

Presentations skills – which include both presentation development and presentation delivery (public speaking, virtual presentations, etc.) – are very useful skills in school, work, and life in general. Developing the confidence and ability to give good presentations will not only enhance your professional skills and opportunities, but also enhance your personal self-development as well.

“Anyone can give a good presentation.”

Effective presentations are not restricted to the talents or personality of any particular individual; they are based on thorough preparation and lots of practice. Whether you are preparing a presentation for your final project, need to do a presentation for work, or are preparing a program in your library, Module 19th on Presentation Tips will guide you through the preparation, slide development, and effective delivery strategies for development – and presenting – effective presentations.

Module Objectives


  • Learn how to “set the stage” for your presentation
  • Learn about the basic structure and component of presentations
  • Identify tips and strategies for slide development
  • Earn a digital badge

Check out Module 19 now! 

Module 18: Conferencing Success Now Available

Conferences are an amazing way to meet people, to learn more about the profession, to build skills, and to see what other people in the profession are actually like. On top of all of those amazing benefits, there is the post-conference motivation to move forward, learn more, and continue to reach out to others in the community. Conferencing is an essential opportunity – and skill – for all LIS professionals.

In Module 18: Conferencing Success  you will… Conference badge

  • Discover conference possibilities near your city or in your areas of interest

  • Get tips on preparing for conferences

  • Learn how to network at a conference

  • Explore what else you can do at a conference

  • Find out what you should be doing when the conference is over

Get prepared, learn about upcoming conferences, and plan your best strategy to get the most benefit from your experience.

Click here to visit Module 18: Conferencing Success 

Segment 3 is Here – Lets get Tweeting!

Segment 3 – New LIS Professionals is here! To get us going, SLISConnect’s Student President, Valarie Kingsland, prepared our 16th module about Twitter a global microblogging social media tool, just for you.  Twitter is a proprietary online social networking and microblogging service that launched in 2006.  Users compose and post “tweets,” which are text messages limited to 140 characters.  While it can take a little bit of getting used to, Twitter can be a tremendous resource for interaction with your social and professional communities, share and curate information, extend your experiences at conferences, live events, or even with reality televisions shows, and can dramatically increase your online presence.

Come check out Module 16: Mastering Twitter and learn how to setup a Twitter account and how to maximize your experience interacting with Twitter. If you already have a Twitter account, take this opportunity to assess and evaluate how you are using Twitter and if it reflects the image you want it to.


Set up and maintain a personal Twitter account that reflects who you are as a grad student, librarian or information professional (or other).


  1. Set up or modify a personal Twitter account and profile to reflect the digital persona desired.

  2. Follow or find examples of model Twitter users.

  3. Practice tweeting and interacting on Twitter, or find examples of model Twitter posts/interaction.

  4. Become familiar and play with Twitter features and tools to manage a Twitter account.

Making friends while learning online

It doesn’t matter how old you are, the most important thing you can accomplish on your first day of school is making a new friend. The Graduate department at SJSU facilitated this important goal by inviting all new students to Orientation. Working towards my Librarianship is more fun now that I’ve found my peers.

Let’s remember, however, that SJSU SLIS is a fully online program. That means that for practical purposes, I need to build a support network made up of virtual friends. That is why I embraced the opportunity to participate in SLISConnect’s 23things. Each module completed has taught me something about a new technology tool. More importantly, 23things allowed me to hang with the cool kids, students closer to graduation, even alumni!

The biggest surprise of joining SJSU SLIS has been how welcoming, supportive, and invested in my success everyone is. The best example of this team spirit can be found at SLISConnect. Join us! We’re invested in your success, too.

picture yourself at SJSU SLIS


Module 15: Career Development – Resume Success

Lets work on your LIS resume this week!

This week is a very special week for us. Jill Klees from the SLIS Career Development Center with the support of Elaine Hall have built a module that will help you build your LIS resume! Fair warning, this module is a little longer than other modules but well worth the time spent.

You will learn how to:resumesuccess

  • Create your own unique resume format
  • Build out the sections of your resume that are relevant to you and your experience
  • Tailor your resume to the type of job and industry that you are seeking

And don’t forget about your digital badge!

There is a lot of good information in this weeks module. I’m looking forward to learning how to make a contemporary LIS resume.

Module 15: Career Development: Resume Success


Module 14: Job Search Strategy Now Available

Do any of the following describe you? jobs image

* You’re a student looking for that first library job
* You’re a recent MLIS graduate looking for professional opportunities to apply your knowledge, skills, and interests
* You’re a student trying to figure out what pathway you want to pursue to prepare for a rewarding career
* You’re an alumni looking for opportunities to advance your career

If you said yes to any of the above scenarios, then this module is for you!

Over the next two weeks, I team up with Jili Klees, Career Consultant at SLIS’s Career Development Center to offer guidance on how to develop your unique job search strategy, explore career options based on your interests and skills, and build a successful resume. This is also a great way to explore the resources available via the Career Development Center and the professional development opportunities available via SLIS.

In Module 14: Job Search Strategy you will 

  • Identify your career direction
  • Learn the value of networking – and how to do it
  • Learn how to develop your own job search strategy
  • Learn about LIS job search sites and how to build our professional online profile

Come learn a new way to approach your job search process and see examples of my own experience working through these steps. Through the process, Jill and I will be available to respond to your questions, comments, and suggestions about the job search process.


Wrapping up Segment Two, Gearing up for Segment Three

Now that we’ve passed the midpoint of the 23 Things program, it’s great to see the number of participants who have gotten involved by developing learning modules, serving as reviewers, generating ideas for module topics, serving as discussion moderators, or working through the modules as participants. How many of you have checked out all of the modules thus far? The wonderful thing about this program is that you can skip around and learn only about the topics that interest you.

We’ll be wrapping up the second set of modules with a special career services two-parter: you’ll learn how to develop job search strategies and create a successful resume with SJSU‘s Career Consultant, Jill Klees. Then, we’ll jump right into the third segment of our program, which is aimed at new LIS professionals. Segment 3 will examine technologies and skills recommended by SLIS alumni for professional and on-the-job success. Have ideas for what technologies we should include? Fill out our Module Request Form—remember, this is YOUR program, so you need to let us know what technologies you think every LIS professional should be using.

Beyond participating directly in 23 Things, however, we want to get a better of idea of how 23 Things has helped you. Please send us your stories via; we’ll be opening up our blog to guest posts from students, alumni, faculty, and library professionals. Let us know if you’ve switched to Jing for your screencasts. Have you incorporated Prezi into your latest presentation? Tell us about it—email us at and your post can be featured on our blog. This is a great outlet for publishing about your professional activities and the ways in which this 23 Things program has had an impact on your professional development. And is there a particular faculty member or instructor, alumnus, or LIS professional you think should post to our blog? Contact us and we’ll see if they’re interested in sharing their thoughts and experience.

As SLISConnect Alumni President, I am enthusiastic about the long-term potential for this program to serve as a resource in helping us transition from students to new professionals. The spirit of collaboration that embodies SLISConnect and our mission to bring together students and alumni is clearly evident in this supportive learning community. Thank you for your participation—let’s keep learning and sharing together!

Module 13 – Research: Curating and Organization Documents Now Available

Module 13 is about tools and methods that you can use in your research. In this module you’ll learn about:curatingresearch

  • Discovery of relevant research documents
  • Collection and organization of research documents
  • Annotation and note taking
  • Citation and bibliographies

In many ways good research is like good art. You can define the major characteristics and tools used but there is also a personal element.  What you will learn in this module will help you do good research.

Click here to visit the Curating and Organization Documents module


We have had so many great ideas submitted for Segment 3: NEW LIS Professionals and need your help. Please vote for the modules you would most like to see for Segment 3 – or recommend another. Click here to cast your vote!

Module 12 – Time Management Now Available

timemanagementDo you know what I love most about the 23 Things for SLIS Students and Alumni program? It is the knowing that this awesome learning platform has been built for SLIS students and alumni by SLIS students and alumni! This week, we take that phenomenon to another level as we build a module that incorporates a variety of time management strategies used every day by students and alumni to organize their time, prioritize their projects, and find time “to get it all done”. We used social media to poll our students and and alumni about the time management strategies that work best for them and have incorporated those tips into a single Time Management module. By doing this module, participants will:

– Learn the importance of time management
– Learn how to balance your time for home, work, school, and self
– Learn “hard-copy” techniques for time management
– Learn digital techniques for time management
– Develop a time-management program specific to your needs

 Click here to visit the Time Management module 


We have had so many great ideas submitted for Segment 3: NEW LIS Professionals and need your help. Please vote for the modules you would most like to see for Segment 3 – or recommend another. Click here to cast your vote!